ALPRIS Holdings Limited

Alpris Holdings Limited was established in early 2008 and is part of a holding company that engaged in the development, production and sale of food ingredients.

Company Alpris Holdings Limited is the owner of Exclusive Rights for more than 100 Trademarks, used for the food industry in such fields as meat, fish, poultry processing industry, as well as for the confectionery and dairy industries.

Areas of activity:

Licensing activity

  • Determination of the geographical territory at which the licensee receives exclusive right to use the Trademark;
  • Granting the Right to use the Trademark, both on the products and their packaging, and on accompanying and business documents and in advertising;
  • Granting the right to use the trademark jointly with other Trademarks provided that mandatory prior approval is required;
  • Ensuring the unity of economic space in certain geographical areas;
  • Settling of a single list of licensed types of activities;
  • Establishment of a unified licensing procedure in certain geographical areas;
  • Establishment of licensing requirements and terms by provisions on licensing of specific types of activities;
  • Transparency and openness of licensing;
  • Compliance with the law during the process of implementation of licensing.

Organization of industry seminars

Organization of conferences and seminars is a popular service among business people. Precisely such events allow without any problems to solve many important issues quickly and efficiently in a short time:
  • to improve skills of employees;
  • to discuss the terms of cooperation with partners;
  • to exchange experience;
  • to train employees;
  • to find both new partners and customers;
  • to create a new information occasion.

Our services:

  • Rental of conference room and equipment with its demonstration equipment;
  • Booking of tickets, hotels, transfer;
  • Organization of visits to production sites;
  • Degustation events at production sites
  • Training programs in various fields of the food industry
  • Review of the current state of the Russian and international markets for the food industry
  • Modernization of existing technologies for the production of food products in such areas as meat, fish, poultry processing industry, as well as for the confectionery and dairy industries;
  • Development of quality control laboratories for food ingredients for meat, fish, poultry processing industry, as well as for confectionery and dairy industries;
  • The pricing policy of manufacturers of domestic and foreign raw materials;
  • Influence of the state on the market of food ingredients;
  • New and recently launched projects in the industry.
  • Progressive technologies and technological solutions in the food industry
  • State policy of food industry development

Organization of promotional events and training for food industry specialists

  • Rental of a suitable room and Its equipping with technical devices;
  • Preparation of information and cultural part;
  • Meeting of participants and their preliminary registration;
  • Organization of entertainment program;
  • Provision of transport;
  • Decoration of hall in accordance with the thematic focus of the event;
  • Reservation of tickets and hotels to accommodate Customer's employees;
  • Reporting to consumers information about a new product or service;
  • Reminder of existing products, or changes in the packaging design, mass, etc.;
  • Informing about special sales terms;
  • Motivation of consumers. The goal - acquisition of specific products, visits to places of sales and the required (promoted) salons, etc.;
  • Stimulation to purchase on a "here and now" basis. The most important point of the promo campaign is to persuade the consumer to purchase a particular product, in this place, without postponing the purchase for later.

Working with us you will receive

  • Guaranteed high level;
  • Personal and integrated approach to each event;
  • Variety of organizational programs.

Development of logos and trademarks

  • Development of logos, both according to the customer's sketches, and on the basis of own developments;
  • Production of promotional products (pos-materials, souvenirs, key chains, pens, notebooks, additional promotional samples);
  • Production of bright, spectacular stands;
  • Selection of promoters;
  • Development of a special advertising text;
  • Preparation of all promotional materials and souvenirs that are traditionally in demand.

Marketing analysis of global markets and trends in the food industry

  • Analysis of the production of products based on the study of the needs of consumers to meet the real needs of specific consumers;
  • Analysis of the consolidation of the activities of all segments of the enterprise into a single system with the focus of all of them into the final result, to what the consumer needs;
  • Analysis of the company's long-term efficiency by creating timely production sites;
  • Active adaptation of the manufacturer to changing environmental conditions;
  • Stimulation of needs, impact on them;
  • The constant profitability of the company due to a combination of operational and strategic decisions, rapid adaptation and management of reserves.
  • Study of the market as a whole and the overall situation in the country, region, industry;
  • Study of consumers;
  • Study of competition and competitors;
  • Study of suppliers and production partners;
  • Studying sales brokers;
  • Study of the products and demand;
  • Study of the internal environment of the enterprise.
  • Participation in the creation of new products;
  • Participation in the organization of their production;
  • Participation in the organization of the material and technical supply of the enterprise;
  • Quality management and competitiveness of new products.
  • Organization of commodity circulation system;
  • Organization of the service;
  • Organization of the system of demand formation and sales promotion;
  • Conducting the commodity policy;
  • Conducting price policy;
  • Organization of the marketing service of the firm;
  • Information support of marketing;
  • Organization of operational and strategic planning in the enterprise with a focus on the market;
  • Organization of managerial relations of the marketing service at the enterprise;
  • Organization of control.

Financing of development and research

Development of principles for organization of development financing and research of the food industry market includes:
  • Organization of the development of a clear target orientation of the system - its connection with the task of fast and effective application of modern scientific and technological achievements;
  • Development of a plan for the logicality, validity and legal protection of the applied mechanisms;
  • Search and selection of sources of multiple financing for research and development in the field of food industry;
The main tasks of financing:
  • Creation of prerequisites for fast and high-quality introduction of technical innovations in all fields of the food industry;
  • Preservation and further development of strategic scientific and technical potential in priority directions of development;

Marketing research

  • Analysis of market opportunities of the investigated sphere of products and services;
  • Evaluation of the market structure of goods and services;
  • Segmentation of the market of goods and services;
  • Strategy Development;
  • Development of an action activities;
  • Positioning of services on the target segment of the market of goods and services;
  • Trade policy - complex of marketing measures of influence to the market, aimed at improving the company's competitive position;
  • Price policy - a combination of various types of price behavior in the market, the definition of price strategy and price tactics;
  • Sales policy - planning and formation of sales channels for goods;

Promotion of TradeMarks

  • Development of the policy of promotion of trademarks
  • Development of planning and implementation of a set of activities aimed at promoting the products of the food industry
  • Development of a plan for the promotion of new products in the market that have no analogues, as well as the promotion of various products and services to new markets

Development, production and sale of food ingredients

Organization of industry seminars and promotional events

Marketing analysis in the food industry